O'neill Pyscho Tech 6/4mm - Medium

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Product Description:
-Thickness - 6/4mm
-Seams - Fluid seam stitchless seam technology
-Zip - F.U.Z.E ZIP Closure system
-Neoprene - Technobutter 3-Air Firewall insulation
-Neoprene - Technobutter 3
-External Key Pocket with Loop
-Plasma Wrist and Ankle Seals
-Super Seal Cuffs
-Fully TB3X interior taped
-Warranty - 1 year workmanship and materials

Suit Description:
The Psychotech is O'Neill top of the range wetsuit. It is built for superior warmth. The chest and back have TechnoButter 3 Air-Firewall Smoothskin. To complement this, the thigh and butt areas have TechnoButter 3 firewall. The consequence of these thicker and warmer areas of neoprene is that the warm blood in the core area of your body is pumped around into your arms and legs keeping you toasty all the way down to your little toe. As a consequence of heavily investing in R&D, O'Neill has been able to bring thicker neoprene to throughout the psychotech+ range without compromising on the ridiculous flexibility. This means that a 5/4 in the "+" range actually comes in at 5.5/4.5mm thickness. This keeps you warmer and in the sea longer without any comprise on the flexibility. This all combines to produce a suit that works harder for you. The Psychotech is constructed with Super Seal Cuffs that are fused to create a low profile for the ultimate seal. To accompany this, a F.U.Z.E system with double super seal neck keeps water out and drains any water that does manage to get in through a drain hole to prevent flush and keep you toasty.