RRD Hardcore Wave 98L LTD V6


Was: £2080.00


Length: 228cm
Width: 61cm
Volume: 98L
Weight: 6.7Kgs


The HardcoreWave V6 are the most versatile Hardcore wave boards ever build since their introduction in our collection. 4 Shapes with 10lt of difference from 98 all the way down to 68 all equipped with 5 Fins slot box to be able to switch from a Thruster to a Quad set up depending on your style. We have worked on getting these well proven shapes lighter, in order to improve their performance level in every detail.

We have also switched from a Quad fin set to a Thruster fin set coming standard with the boards to improve the versatility of use.


LTD: semi custom / Innegra carbon deck glass bottom