Starboard Foil 122 Flax Balsa 2018 - Board only

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Flying over the sea without a sound, zipping along silently close to thirty knots. What could be more fun?

New for 2018, the Foil 122 is a plug and play freeride foil board: thin for maximum foil control, with 100% sharp rail edges for early planing and a clean water release even when touching down. It is designed purely as a foil board.

FOIL 122

The Foil 122 is a new addition to the range for 2018. It is designed as a dedicated plug and play freeride foil board, available in Flax Balsa technology.
This helps to give the board more control, more performance and makes it more forgiving to foil compared to using a classic freeride windsurf board.
Recommended for foils up to 75 cm deep.

The Foil 122 is thin, with a flat deck shape for maximum foil control and speed in the air.