STX Inflatable Windsurf


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These inflatable windsurf boards are great for learning on, it can take you the whole way from your first uphaul all the way to blasting across the water. It has a hardened back rail which goes all the way down past the midpoint of the board. Super lightweight compared to normal first time windsurf boards.
You can also take this on holiday at no extra cost and just register it as luggage, and enjoy planning around in the tropical sunshine without the high rental fee's!

STX Information:
The new STX WS 280 Freeride is our new windsurf board. This new windsurf SUP board has a volume of 280 l and uses the new Fusion Welded technology to ensure quality and rigidity. In addition, the WS 280 freeride has a spoiler lip at the rear for an earlier planing. The detachable foot straps give you more grip at higher speeds and provide optimal surfing feeling.

Special features of the STX WS 280 Freeride:
Narrow mesh dropstitch construction
Double layer fusion technology (Welded) - lightweight and robust construction
1x Center Fin US Box & 2x Twin Back Finns US Box
Windsurf shape - stable, suitable for beginners, early sliding
Removable foot straps
PVC spoiler edge

This board guarantees the ideal mix of longevity, stability, maneuverability, speed and directional stability. Unpacking, pumping up, surfing: Unbeatable in this price range.