Reactive Watersports SUP Wave Lesson - 2 hour session

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Want to start surfing your SUP but not sure where to start?

Let us show you!
We have a range of boards perfect for first steps in SUP surfing, each session will run through the following:
1. Learning how to paddle out safely and easily.
2. Correct stance on board and weight movement.
3. Spotting the right kind of wave that's easy to catch.
4. Setting yourself up and being in the right place for your wave.
5. Paddling into waves in the correct stance.
6. Getting longer rides etc.

More advanced wave sessions are also available too.

With our experienced instructor's we can have you surfing before you know it.
We will cater to your ability and can teach beginner through to advanced wave riding techniques.

With access to really beautiful surf spots why not give it a go and expand your SUP skills.

Reactive Watersports