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JP Australia X-Winger IPR 2022

The X-Winger boards are specialized wing foiling machines! These shapes are very compact with plenty of volume and width. Shallow concaves combined with full bevelled rails deliver maximum surface for an instant take-off and forgiveness during maneuvers.

The compact size and step tail offer the perfect platform for getting an instant reaction to pumping. Loading the wing under water and using the lift of the wing for take-off. The concave deck shape is equipped with a comfortable pad and additional increased arch and tail kick pad supporting and guiding the foot in the perfect position when riding strapless. The footstrap options offered, cover everything from V-angled to centered and off-centered positions.

4'5" x 26" 75L 6.2KG

5'0" x 27" 95L 7.0KG


JP Australia X-Winger IPR 2022

PriceFrom £749.00